~Parent Notes from Wed 9/26/12 practice~

30 Sep

Hello Texas Slam 12U Family.

To keep everyone informed I spoke to those at Wed’s practiced one-on-one about the following:

1) Player Financial Log was passed out

·          includes player’s  Monthly Team Fees and each due date

·         Player cost for each Tournament (keep in mind Tournament fees will fluctuate depending on the # girls on the roster.) Currently we have 9 girls

·         A list off all the tournaments Coach Dave has signed the girls to play in thru December.

·         Also show’s what you have paid and applied to

2) Reminded everyone our Next Tournament is Oct 6 weekend in San Antonio, My Deadline to pay for this tournament is Oct 1 asked if everyone could bring monies for this tournament to Fri’s batting practice at the latest by Sunday.  Pay Pal is also an option!

3) Reminded Oct Monthly Team fees are due, but if needed we can collected for this no later than Oct 5

4) Fundraiser:  Our 1st fundraiser will be the “Mixed bags catalog”; I showed a sample of a spring catalog to give you an idea and price range of the mixed bags.  Each girl will have 1 sample mixed bag to show around with 3 to 4 books to pass around and take up orders.  If you have out of town family/friends they can still support by ordering online and have their orders shipped directly to them.  This fundraiser is a 50% profit for our team.  Coach David’s 1st priority is to get the girls matching Helmets, 2nd priority is to get each girl a hoodie with #’s for fall/winter tournaments to help keep the girls warm and still uniformed.

5) Also informed that Pay Pal is now available to use for a method of payment for your Team fees if you wish to use.  Please add a $2.50 admin fee per transaction when using Pay Pal. It’s available thru our Team Blog at https://texasslam12u.wordpress.com/


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